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I'm fortunate to not actually have DM just yet, but I'm concerned about my risks for developing it.

I'm 50, with a raft of autoimmune and rheumatic chronic pain conditions, which have left me heavily underweight at 5' 7" and 7-1/2 st in weight. Sounds great you think - what's the problem?

My difficulty is that I have a very poor appetite and taste, so while I want to eat healthily I find my ability to eat a decent meal difficult - 8 mouthfuls and I'm full quite often which isn't helping me in my quest to get up to 8-1/2 stone ASAP. What I tend to then do (partly because of my sedentary lifestyle) is to chain-eat junk food - I'm a sugar and caffeine addict sadly - I've a huge problem with only drinking Coke (hate water, and can't tolerate fruit juices because of stomach problems caused by one of my conditions) and I tend to nibble on sweets all day long. I've cut my chocolate intake way down from what it was 4 months ago, but all that's really done is lose me another couple of pounds of weight.

Anyway - my query is whether the pancreas copes better with a constant workload (as I'm really eating sugar 12 hours a day sometimes on and off!) or is it more likely to fail if you overload it with heavy carb/sugar meals once or twice a day?

Please don't lecture me on the dire issues surrounding a sugar addiction, as I promise I'm more than aware of all of them - I've tried endlessly to come off the Coke, but without a suitable alternative, I just end up dehydrating because I don't have an urge to drink anything else :(, and I've equally tried to cut out the sugar, but have little else I can snack on (can't eat nuts or carrots etc any more either - intolerance) that would keep me going through the day.

It's an area I'm still very much working on, but the prospect of diabetes is very much on my mind just now, and I'm hugely concerned about the risks of developing it.

I've a medical background, so would be more than happy to read medical research/reports etc if any are available on this topic and appreciate any input you can provide me for my query.

Thanks, TKR
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