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In all these years I've been making omelets, I have never used roast beef. Dunno what took me so long!

For each omelet:
2 or 3 eggs
garlic salt to taste
tabasco sauce to taste

filling: (this made enough for two 3-egg omelets)
several slices of Swiss cheese
6 or 8 slices of bacon, diced & fried crisp
6 or 8 fresh mushrooms, chopped & lightly sautéed
many slices of deli roast beef, chopped in julienne strips

Whisk the eggs, salt & tabasco together. Pour into hot skillet, but turn the heat down quite a ways from here on.

Once the eggs begin to set, place the cheese on one side to begin melting. Top cheese with mixture of bacon, mushrooms & roast beef. I put a lid on it for a coupla minutes to help heat it up more quickly. To finish off, just fold the empty side of the omelet over the filling side. Slide it outta the skillet onto a platter & offer more hot sauce at the table.

OWC and Jonathan decided I'd hit a home run with this 'un.
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