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I get veggie recipes from all over so if this came from here, my apologies to the OP but I just don't remember.

Line an "edged" cookie pan with alum foil.
Spread a layer of green beans, topped with chopped red peppers and onions and then crumbled unsalted walnuts.

Drizzle EVOO over. Roast [450F] for 20 minutes or more. Toss or mix 1-2 times.

When serving, S&P to taste.

I make a lot because nuked leftovers are great, but since it's thicker, I toss 3-4 times and roast for 30 minutes.

Tip#1-fresh green beans are always chewy so I nuke them about 8 minutes in a bowl of water. Frozen green beans are perfect but I still nuke them for five minutes.

Tip#2-If you rinse beans, pat them reasonably dry. Wet beans do not cook they steam.
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