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Safe to travel while being just diagnosed

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My son is newly diagnosed with type 1 on Dec. 23 2013. He hadn't had much of a Christmas break and due to the extreme cold weather here in Hamilton, Canada (-36) he hasn't gone to school for the past 2 days. Normally this time of year, we travel to the Caribbean for a week away from the snow and frigid temperatures. He's been a trooper about everything despite bring hospitalized for DKA and constant needles and pinpricks. His Christmas wish is that he's able to go on vacation and swim in the ocean again. We were planning ( before his diagnosis)to go away to Cuba for week on the end of Jan. but now, I'm not so sure. I'm just worried that travelling with his new diagnosis might pose some health issues for him. Any advice? Thank you.:)
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Hi everyone! I hope I find you all in good health. : )
So far, we are booked for Cuba for the March break ( Mar. 12-19) 2014.
I have called his endo team and they scheduled an appt. for me on Tues. Feb.4
To get the letter from the doctor about entering the country with his diabetic supplies. I guess they'll give me the breakdown on what to do if something was to happen ( May God forbid) to him during our vacation. I also contacted the local international hospital if they're equipped with an IV drip if it was needed. Right now, I'm just waiting for their response. I'm making a list of much needed supplies for him and I guess the much needed glucagon and I guess something for vomiting. I still don't know if I'm doing the right thing but for now, he's much to excited to be going away. Would anyone be able to give me much needed advice on what to bring and do in case of emergencies I haven't thought of? Thanks everyone!
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