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Salmon Marinade

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I love salmon but prefer a long Marinade soak.

Equal parts: [One Tbsp for each ingredient is usually enough for one pc]

EV Olive oil
soy sauce
swerve brown sugar

This gives a sweet/sour combination. I soak salmon in zipped baggie in fridge all day and move it around a bit every hour or so.

The soy is 2 gm and the sugar about 4, but since most of the mix is tossed, not sure how much remains on the salmon.

Cooked any way but I much prefer broiled.
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Don't know how to edit, but I meant 1 Tbsp for each ingredient.

Text changed for you. (You can edit only a short period of time after you save your post.)
Sounds good. And I love salmon. Will have to try it.
Had it tonight but too sweet and remembered that was the way my kids liked it. I'd cut the sugar in half
What did it do to your BG?
I'm very happy.
Pre meal 109
1 hour 115
2 hours 110

more: of course some of the marinade remained on the salmon, but most was poured off, so difficult to calc carbs.
I had nothing with the salmon as I wanted to get the BG on that alone. I would normally have veggies with it.
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