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Taking a tip from patdart about using pork rinds to make meatloaf & stuffed peppers, I tried making salmon patties with them. To 1 can salmon (skin & bones removed), I added an egg & 1 cup ground pork rinds, I fried them in olive oil. In the days before carb-counting, I would make them the same except I'd use a sleeve of crushed saltines instead of rinds, and they would hold together when shaping the patties & during cooking.

The pork rind ones tasted good, but fell apart when I tried to shape them in my hand, so I made balls and flattened them in the skillet. When I turned them, they fell apart. Any suggestions?

Also, I don't know anything about vital wheat glutin, except it is used in baking bread. Do you think that would help keep them from falling apart?
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