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Saving money and eating well

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A comment in another thread made me think about how often people are given the advice to eat high-quality foods for the best nutrition -- avoiding highly-processed foods, eating fresher foods, etc. But, as a poster noted, it's not practical for a nutritionist/dietitian/somebody on YouTube to recommend eating lean sirloin steak and fresh organic vegetables (that maybe you even grow yourself!).

Current supply chain issues and inflation make this problem even worse. So I thought maybe we could have a thread on ways we've found to get better food for ourselves, especially those of us who can't lean on filling out meals with pasta or root vegetables.

Some things I've learned over time:
  • Pork is a good alternative for beef. My local market sells pork steaks at about a third of the price of similar beef steaks. Despite a marketing campaign that pork producers seem to have deep-sixed, pork is a red meat. The better stuff comes with some visible fat that you can trim after cooking if eating it is unappealing or doesn't fit your eating plan.
  • Cooking cheaper cuts of meat over longer periods of time makes a big difference. If you have a Dutch oven or a slow cooker, you can let the meat cook itself into something tender and flavorful and save money in the process.
  • If you live near a food store in the U.S (and maybe Canada) that caters to some definition of an ethic group, protein there often is notably cheaper than it is in the local Kroger or IGA.
  • For just the two of us in this house, frozen vegetables are pretty darn close to fresh in how they taste, crunch, and in nutrition -- and, with them. we don't often run the risk of digging a forgotten vegetable-turned-science-experiment out of the refrigerator.
So do you have any tips for eating better for less money without sacrificing lots of time or effort?
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