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Saw my doctor today and now I am confused.

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So for the past month they have had me testing my pre-meal blood. I have done really well and been solidly between 6 and 4 with only the occasional spike due to food experiments.

Today I had my appointment and he said to swtich it up and test my blood 1 hour after eating.

I said okay and did this after noon and got a 6.7 ... not bad but too many potatoes in the meal. Cut back next time, no problem.

Tonight I checked and it was 10.1! This freaked me out as it was post meds and had less carbs than my lunch.

So I hit the internet to see what's what and every bloody association and diabetes group says test 2 hours after not 1.

So my question is this... is it normal to have a high blood sugar spike like that 1 hour after a meal?

I am going to test again in another hour and see what's what.

Thanks in advance for any and all replies :)
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Normally you'd test 2 hours after meals unless you're like this one guy I work with who's "hypoglike" and burns through carbs and sugs like a blast furnace.
Even nondiabetics can have highs one hour after eating. I never tes one hour after. If you have a much better test 2 hours after you eat then you do not need to worry. Many diabetics try to be less than 7.8 two hours after meals. I have more strict control and try for 6.7.

I test mainly 1 hour after meals and aim to keep below 8 at that stage. It isn't a problem for me unless I'm experimenting with new foods.

I also test first thing in the morning on rising and try to keep below 6.

None of this is too much of a problem for me these days but it took a little time to get to that level of control.

You seem to be doing just fine. My advice would be not to panic about the odd bad result just try to learn from it.

Best Wishes - John
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