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Just remember, there's TWO doctor Bernstein's and people sometimes confuse the two diets.

Dr. Stanley K. Bernstein is NOT a diabetes specialist and advocates a low-CALORIE (basically starvation-mode) diet. This is NOT healthy for us.

Dr. Richard K. Bernstein is the diabetes specialist, and advocates a VERY low-carb diet. He doesn't get into calorie specifics or macronutrient breakdowns (that I'm aware of). He DOES recommend no more than 6g of carbohydrate at breakfast, and 12g each at lunch and supper. He does not encourage snacking.

Following the 6/12/12 rule for carbohydrate grams will most certainly lower your blood sugars, and if you eat the rest of your required calories from mostly fat, with a moderate amount of protein (up to 20% of your calories from protein), you should also lose weight and improve your lipid profile.

The only reason you should take in EXTRA protein is if your body requires it due to 1) regular weight-training to increase lean (muscle) mass, 2) your exercise is at endurance-athlete level (ie: long-distance running or cycling - 2hrs plus per exercise session) or 3) you carry a lot of muscle-mass naturally and wish to maintain it.
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