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Shanny, Once again you are here to help me ( and everyone else here on this forum) Bless you for that and your vast knowledge!! Thank you for your help!!Yes, you are right I was first Dx's Type 1 , then 1.5 , now type 1. Had to switch endo's in order to get a peptide C test. Results I think were 23...whatever that means. I have NEVER had chicken wings for a snack. I fear that I would be eating too much.That is why I stayed the same in past and didn't lose weight. I lost weight upon DX because I ate VERY little. Metformin made me sick to my stomach. I was popping Gravol like candies. I was genuinely afraid to eat. Once I started insulin I started gaining. I am at my heaviest and it feels horrible.!! How much of anything can we eat.? Egs in A.M. ...How many?? Lunch..What to eat?? many??
I would double check that C-peptide number. I thought the normal range ran between 0.8 - 3.5. If your number is 23, then you are making a HUGE amount of Insulin and would not be Type 1.

I've been dx'd as a Type 2, but don't make much Insulin according to my C-peptide number - which has been decreasing over the years. Mine was 3.1 in 2007 - back whenever I had good BG control with diet alone (no meds or Insulin). My Ha1c was 5.7 in August, 2008, but JUMPED to 11.7 ten months later (June, 2009) for reasons no one has ever been able to explain to me.
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