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Had a bad night this past Friday. That afternoon i went over to a friends who's recovering from a surgery to pay him a visit. Spent about three hours with him during which we both had 5 or 6 coffees. Normally i stick to one coffee a day, first thing in the morning, but it felt like the thing to do that day as he's a big coffee drinker and we both don't drink alcohol. Anyway, i finally went home to have dinner and almost immediately started feeling funny. Ate dinner, waited two hours and checked my BGL which was 5.1. Still felt crappy, kind of a nausious feeling and my entire body was vibrating. Later that night i went to bed but couldn't fall asleep. So i got up again. About 3:am my wife got up and decided to call TeleHealth for me as my symptoms were the same. The nurse went through all my symptoms again, had me check my BGL again, which was now 5.3, and then told me that i was experiencing a caffeine high. I couldn't believe this was all from too much coffee. I'm definitely going to stick to my usual one a day from here on in. I didn't feel back to normal until i woke this morning. Brutal.

I know it's been a while since i posted here, so just to update you all, my BGL has been pretty good, averaging mid 5's for my fasting level and 6's to low 7's on average two hours after my meals. I'm only taking 1000mg Metformin/day now. I've started a daily exercise regime now and i'm down 15 pounds to date. I'm hoping for another 35 lbs which will bring me down to 200 lbs. That's comfortable for my build. So far all is going fairly well i think.
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Sorry about the caffeine buzz, Greg . . . pretty scary. Sure looks like you have everything else running smoothly & congrats on the weight loss! Hope we'll see you around more often! :)
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