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Seeking feedback

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I have been a stable type 2 now for a while, hba1c =7 which my endo is happy with. Just managing with jardimet and exercise.

I have just had a nasty respiratory virus. It was thought to be whooping cough, test came back negative though I did take the antibiotics. I was in bed for about 10 days and ended up losing 4 kgs. My BGL was fine when in bed as I couldn't really eat, as I recovered and began to eat more normally my BGL rose (not surprising) . I have returned in the last 3 days to my normal work and exercise routine, and of course my normal eating pattern.

My BGL have remained high, in particular non-responsive to exercise, which for me is very unusual.

We are talking a period of 4 days so I am not panicking but clearly am closely monitoring and at a certain point will go back to endo.

My thinking is that my body is still fighting off the virus and so the higher BGL is a result of that.

Has anyone had similar experiences, post viral?
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Well three weeks on from the virus and everything is slowly returning to where it was before the virus.

Numbers are still slightly higher but BGL is now responding to exercise as it usually does.

I am curious as to why the effect has lasted for so long after the virus, but relieved that things are returning to my normal levels.
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