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Should I See A DR?

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I only ask because I don't have insurance, and I don't want to go unless you all think this sounds just like you.

Anyways, I'm 24 years old, and last year my husband said something about how I am just like his boss (who has diabetes ), and i brushed it off. Fast forward to the present. I am constantly battling athletes foot, I just found a patch of skin on my back that has gone numb, I get urinary tract infections more often then I assume is normal. I am already a pretty thin person, I had to have my teeth removed 2 years ago, (my teeth, despite brushing and flossing, rotted from the inside out, they couldn't save them) and i lost a lot of weight then, I was at 135, and I am at about 115 now. I assumed it was from the oral surgery, but it's still happening, and I eat regularly. I don't have the healthiest diet, I do drink a lot of cola and sweets, which is why I figured I can't be diabetic, cause all the sugar would have killed me by now, but I was told there is more then one kind of diabetes.

So anywho, I am getting a little scared, as I start to show more and more of the symptoms. I am not usually the person to go online and look this kind of thing up, so I am a little freaked out now.

Also, I have always had cold hands and feet, almost tingly. For as long as I can remember.

Does any of this come up as alarming or crucial? Any comments welcome. Thank you.
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Get Treated!!!

Welcome OurBabyPeterson :), Welcome to our happy family and we can help you to get on with your life!!

Just by being thin is part of the lack of nutrients to your body and mussel mass is dissappering and the weight lost is a dead give a way to a type 1. Are you hungery, Thristy, Lazy & don't have any energy??

I would get checked out buy a doctor and if they think that you are then don't let the doctor treat you. Instead see that you see an Endocrinologist as these people know your problem. Don't think about your finances, GET TREATED!!! you have just the one life. I am sorry that I am pushy but please, Do this. ;):)
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