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Hey Richard, you're on a roll. More Great info. What do you think??

As mentioned Type 1's can't go long wihout Insulin although I realize
some Type 1's have pyschological problems about using it, etc.

As far as Type 2's, if they can't manage their sugars with diet, exercise
and oral drugs or other injections, it's a no-brainer. Insulin! Insulin was
made to help Diabetics not to hurt them or put them down. My Dad's
Family(not him), 5/10 of them were dxd. with Type 2. One of them
looked after his diet and exercise and oral meds. but was not on insulin.
He is still Happily alive. The others did not look after themselves. They
all died. That is the first score. If they didn't want to look after themselves by diet, exercise, etc. then I feel they should have taken Insulin to stay alive. Guaranteed, they would have lived longer, better lives wth Insulin and proper instruction . (IMO)

I rate it as a Life-saver not an anchor!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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