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I'm currently using small portions of raisins (1/3 a box every hour) as between meal snacks. It's a ballancing act I guess because the work I do everyday is physically intense, a lot of walking, climbing, running about so I'm burning carbs rather efficiently. Do you think it's good or are there any recommendations?
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Read the carbs on the box. How many carbs are in a 1/3 of a box. Then how do the carbs fit into your low carb diet?

I eat cheese crackers for my snacks, and there are 24 carbs per package. And I have 165 carbs per day. So my snacks can take up 1/2 of my allotment of carbs per day.

Have you talked to your doctor or your diabetes educator about how many carbs they want you to have per day?

Here's what I found by Goggleing it (carbohydrates in raisins).

Food Item:Raisins, seedless
Food Quantity: 1 cup
Carbs: 115g
Dietary Fiber: 5.4g
Net Carbs: 109.6g

Also ask your doctor or diabetes educator, if they want you to count just total carbs (mine do), or net carbs. If it's net carbs, have them tell you how to do it.
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Well here's how I worked it out. 1 Box of raisins is 42 grams, 31 grams carbs, 29 grams sugar. 1/3 of a box is 14 grams, 10g carbs, 10g sugars. It doesn't take many to push up the BG and I chase em with water.

Today I have an afternoon apointment with the TRICARE Diabetes clinic rep so that's one of the questions I'll ask.
As long as you have an appointment with someone, that's great.

Don't be surprised, if they tell you, no more raisins, there is more sugar in them than I thought, not to mention the carbs. I know when I was going to buy a juice machine, I e-mailed my diabetes educator, and asked her if it was OK. She got back to me with a resounding NO, to much sugar. And I used to have a glass of orange juice with breakfast, and was told by my endo's nurse, at a class that she had, to give up most if not all juice, to much sugar. That's why I wanted to buy a juice machine, because I thought that there would be less sugar in that juice, and I was wrong.
Ugh....well let's see what the "degi jedi" says. This is quite a process isn't it.
Yep, it's quite a process, and you've just started. I've been a diagnosed diabetic, since 1984.
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