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hi. I have been insulin dependent diabetic for almost 34 years now. I am on an insulin pump and test my blood sugar often. I was researching chronic left side pain and came across some blogs in this area. I had my right kidney removed 4 years ago due to stage 2 renal cell carcinoma. I try to be active but am at the point in my life where I would love to get pregnant. This has been the hardest challenge. Trying to get pregnant and find the reason for the left side pain. CT's, MRI's and PECT scans all come back normal. I have tried yoga and losing a few pounds and nothing seems to help. I am begining to think that my doctors think I am crazy. The pain subsides when I lay on that side. Does anyone have any insight? I would love to hear from others dealing with the same issue.

I would also love to hear from diabetic woman that have struggled trying to conceive. :( I would appreciate any advice you have to offer. Thanks everyone. I am so thankful that this forum is available to vent, make new friends and be "free" with my diabetic concerns.

Amanda in Sacramento

welcome Amanda :) I'm type 2 on insulin. I'm 37yo with no kids and haven't thought about getting pregnant as yet.... but I have wondered myself whether I'd be able to conceive too. But I decided to not worry about it as going by stories from my friends that have had trouble... the conception happens usually when they're least expecting it. Even for those who have gone through IVF unsuccessfully sometimes suddenly wind up pregnant when they take their mind off it. As for the pain in your left side... is it neuropathy perhaps? I'm not a doc though, and I really think your docs should be able to figure things out for you and I hope they do. I'm understanding though as I'm also still under investigation by my docs to figure out what exactly my stomach is doing so that can put my on the right treatment. It's sure frustrating when you don't get answers and you're spending all this money... and they're chopping and changing meds on you. I'm sure you'll find this a great place for support and info. Keep us posted on how you're doing.
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