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(If you're Canadian, you can tell us how you did last month 馃檪.)

How did Thanksgiving go for people? I ate too much turkey but skipped the white potatoes, the sweet potatoes, the dressing, and the Watergate Salad and had about two bites each of the cheesy bread, the cheesy vegetables, and something the cook called cornbread that was more like a corn pudding (not a British type of pudding, either). My dear wife was kind enough to cook mashed cauliflower and asparagus wrapped in cream cheese and prosciutto for me so I did have more to eat than just turkey. A high-protein day but not bad on carbs.

I skipped out completely on desserts (tbf there was nothing there I liked well enough to take the carb hit or I would have had a bite or two of something). I'm not a saint; I just really don't like the way my body feels any more when I carb out.

I was thinking of posting this tomorrow (Friday) and including a FBG except tomorrow is going to be a bit of a wreck because I have to (was volunteered to) take our kids to the airport at oh-dark-thirty to get them on their morning vacation flight. If I remember I'll do a FBG at 3 before they arrive. I may be too tired to think of it.
[ETA I thought of it: 133. In my ballpark.]

So how did it go for everyone else? Did you eat anything new that was really good and low-carb

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As posted elsewhere:

Thursday, November 25 (Thanksgiving):

7:39 AM (FBG, before breakfast): 95
Breakfast: avocado, Carbmaster blackberry yogurt, 1/8 crustless low-carb pumpkin pie, coffee with heavy cream

12:22 PM (before lunch): 90
Lunch: Seemore chicken chili verde sausage, TJ's gluten-free Norwegian crispbread with cream cheese, salted caramel keto ice cream bar

3:29 PM (before dinner): 91
Dinner: 3/4 oz. habanero cheddar, 4 oz. turkey breast, 4 stuffed olives, 1/2 cup sliced zucchini with mozzarella, 2 tbsp mashed honeynut squash (with butter), 4 stalks celery, 1/8 cup roasted, salted macadamia, coffee with heavy cream

6:31 PM: 93

Then snack: 1/4 bar Montezuma's Absolute Black

8:30 PM: 93

Average for the day: 92

Macronutrients: 74 grams carbs (27 grams fiber), 136 grams fat, 67 grams protein

Calories: 1,731

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Due to our son working graveyard shift the last 3 nights, we smoked the turkey today and prepared as much as we needed to have Thanksgiving dinner Friday. The rest of the family really lucked out this year, going to to more than one get together on different days. That may mean I luck out too, they should eat more turkey and leave us less leftovers.
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