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Further to my earlier post, our concern at micro level may be our individual welfare and managing our own health but such approach may not yield stable and long term respite.

Sharing of individual experiences, knowledge & education is one dimension of this multi faceted malady, but to my mind the other dimension which has higher degree of relevance is to bring in a concerted effort by the forum to address and influence the public opinion to ensure that the cures, medicines and the researches undertaken are specially directed towards genuine solutions and not only for money making.

Therefore we must look for public and regulatory support to ensure that half baked cures and biased researches with false promises are not allowed to circulate and playing with emotions & sentiments of the diabetics.

For this we need to create a sort of movement forcing regulatory authorities to pay heed to the woes of this community. Simultaneously we need to take up issue with authorities for budgeting research on non conventional medicines, herbs and other form of natural medicines.

I would like to have esteemed opinion of forum on this.
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