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I guess Doctor's all have different ideas about when to diagnose...

I was diagnosed in Nov, 2010 as pre-diabetic. A1c was 6.3. I'm controlling with diet & exercise and have lost 37lbs. so far. I go for my next A1c in 8 days!

What surprised me recently, however, is that my husband went for some bloodwork (for cholesterol, etc.) and the Dr. included an A1C. He was bragging when he came home that his A1C was 6.6! His Dr. wasn't the least bit concerned, nor did he give him any diagnosis of pre-diabetic or counsel him about diabetes. I told hubby that MY A1c was 6.3 when I was diagnosed and I advised him to stop eating the crap that he likes to eat or he would find himself with a diabetes diagnosis shortly.

Just curious if anyone else has had this happen...where you were diagnosed and someone else in the family had higher BG and they weren't diagnosed.
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