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Sorry, just want a bit of simple help

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Hello all

Whilst I love eggs, they can have an unfortuante result if I eat too many of them. Please can you tell me a suitable substitute I can buy easily in the UK, like a protein drink? I'm worried I'm going to pick one which is secretly full of carbs, and although Jeanie's website is brilliant, it's in the US. If possible, I'd like to go into the shop and look at what I'm buying.

I still get hung up on how many carbs I should be buying, for example, there are some Ryvita biscuits which have 50g (?) per 100g, which is lower than most, but sounds absolutely sky high to me. Although, since you would then only eating one, does that make them OK?

I HAVE to keep my levels to the lowest I possible can for the next two months until I get my BGs tested again to persuade the doctor that I don't need insulin. Or if I do, then I want to make sure my weight is as low as it can go. So I really want to get as much info up front before buying anything, rather than experimenting, and getting it wrong sometimes.

Many thanks
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hi May

I faced a huge phobia and walked into one of those Body Builder type shops and ask one of those very fit people about protein powders. I was surprised at how helpful they were...I found (I wanted low carb and as cheap as possible) Whey Protein Concentrate to be the best value. I have tried the Pea Protein lol and I'd rather eat was horrid...but my daughter is happy to add a scoop to a smoothie and says she can't taste it...

The one I buy is unflavoured as I want to make mini pancakes from mine. I was craving something to bite that was low carb...So Iv'e tweaked a recipe that's VERY low carb and has a fairly bland taste that can be altered to be sweet or savoury.

I have seen some protein powders in health food stores and supermarkets here in Australia. You really need to do a bit of a drive around and compare prices...I paid $55 Australian dollars for 1.5kilos of WPC. That's a good price I think considering I make 12 small pancake from 3/4 cup of WPC. I put them into 4 portions of 3. A quick carb count and I get i carb per 3 mini pancake portions.

The Whey Protein Isolate is nearly double the price here and Ive used both and can't tell the difference. Hope this helps
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when you go low carb you can sometimes need fiber...the most efficient Ive found is Psyllium looks like wheat germ or wheat bran but it's fiber content is as high as it's carbs...2 tablespoons in liquid (i think it tastes yukky) will do it...I used to make a little sort of pancake with an egg and Psyllium husk and a bit of baking powder...Ive even used that to make savoury pancakes with prawns or crab meat and scallions... or a sweet one with cinnamon and fake sugar...
May psyllium is very cheap and will keep you um regular :)
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