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1 lb. ground chuck, crumbled
1 8oz package fresh mushrooms, sliced
1 cup sour cream
5 or 6 oz. cream cheese
handful of petit peas, for color
2 tbsp. worcestershire sauce, or to taste
salt/black pepper to taste; red pepper if desired
water or heavy cream to thin the sauce if necessary
2 tbsp. butter, to "finish".

Brown beef & mushrooms together in large skillet. Add remaining ingredients & heat to serving temperature. Serve over noodles of choice, cooked & drained.

Miracle noodles or miracle rice is the best low-carb accompaniment for this . . . in the beginning I was able to tolerate Dreamfields, but have given that up just for good measure. So I'll leave this original blurb, since there was some response in the thread, but just don't take it too seriously now.
I think Dreamfields doesn't make a wide egg noodle, but if I'd had linguini, I'd have used that. What I had was elbow macaroni, so I just stirred it all together like goulash & it was fine. :rolleyes:
These values are for the stroganoff itself, not counting the pasta:
Calories per 3/4 cup serving (128g): 269
calories from fat: 197
total fat: 22g
saturated fat: 12g
trans fat: 0g
cholesterol: 79mg
sodium: 194mg
total carbs: 5g
dietary fiber: 0g
sugars: 3g
protein: 13g
vitamin A: 13%
vitamin C: 3%
calcium: 7%
iron: 9%

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Sounds really good. I can't tolerate the Dreamfields but the dish sounds yummy. I might try to put it on top of Shiratake noodles or spaghetti squash. Thanks.

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That's to funny, tonight I stir fried some chuckeye steak with broccoli, onions,carrots, peppers etc, made a cream sauce and added the WPI noodles. It was truly wonderful.

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We made this for dinner tonight, except we skipped the beef and poured it over chicken to make sort of a chicken parmesan type dish. It was simply amazing! We like the chicken for our chicken parm. and other dishes slightly crispy. We ended up adding a little extra heavy cream as suggested, to thin it out a bit. I could eat this very happily a few times a week.

We're going to try it soon with beef and noodles, as the recipe actually called for. (We didn't have any on hand). We made it with everything except the beef and noodles. I could make this sauce every day, and find different dishes to use it with. Thanks Shanny, this is a total winner. :hungry:

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Oh , thanks for bumping this Shanny!! I need to make some WPI noodles and then this would be a great dish to make and freeze portions to have as I am recovering. I need some variety in my meals.

The cooking will help me distract myself from worrying about everything.
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