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Sports and Pump Therapy

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I use my butt as a site when I have to play sports, because if it is on my stomach it just falls off with all the sweat and sudden movements. I always wonder what Jay Cutler(Chicago Bears QB) does for his diabetes. I used to take mine off for softball Tournaments, but I started wearing it with a Running waist pouch a few years back and it helps a lot. I know he probably has plenty of experts assisting him with his Diabetes, but I wonder if he wears his during games. I also noticed that I perform much better in the 150-200 range when playing ball. I talked with my doctor about it because I can't let my sugar go below 150 because a subben burst of activity can drop my BG significantly. I also reduce my basal to 65% during game's. I just wanted to post this so I could share my pain with this disease. I get tired of it so often and it wears me down mentally not so much physically. I check my BG 10-12 times during a 4 game (1hr each) softball tournament. I have to eat light meals with light proteins during games. I don't know why, but it balances my BG better during game days to eat lighter meals. I just wish I could be like everyone else
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bnenyiii, your control during sports activities is obviously very good. I admire your being able to do the so well under those conditions. I have been type 1 for 64 years and I have always had to experiment and keep making changes to have good control. Needing to make changes to fit my schedule will never stop. I hope you will be able to continue with sports and have overall good control.

Thank you for your response. I have your story printed and will be reading it real soon. I am glad that I am not the only one. I was feeling feed up yesterday and actually feel better after off loading some of those thoughts/feelings. The pump is good in that I can change on the fly when my schedule gets chaotic. I keep trying to get my BG under better control, but I my A1C is higher because I am afraid to bottom out with Low BG during games and sleep. 5.4 A1c is something I need to strive for and I think I can do it or at least I will do my best to do the next right thing to get me there.
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For myself to play golf in ther hot Florida weather I have to cut my basal rate -60% for 2 hours before and 2 hours after the round. Plus I check my BG every other hole as well as eat something.
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