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Spring times a coming.

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I'm sure winter is not over for most places, but a spring time event around here is the return of the purple martins. scouts usually arriving in mid-February. I usually have my houses ready to uncover as soon as we see the first and then I'll put my gourds up. This year I am going to get my gourds up and bedding material in them early. Last year we had very early arrivals and then the southern storm hit and a couple of birds didn't survive. This year I will have more straw in the gourds in case we get hit by another big freeze.

What major activities are awaiting y'all?
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What major activities are awaiting y'all?
Another 2-3 months of winter? It actually just hit 0*F now. They're calling for a low of -16*F tonight. Minnesotans don't pay attention to Groundhog Day because, shadow or now, we always have at least six more weeks of winter.

The big major activity, then is a non-terminal form of Swedish Death Cleaning. We've accumulated too much stuff from too many people and it's time for it to gooooooo....
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