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Need advice from other type 2's that have lost a lot of weight after being diagnosed.

I've lost 90+ pounds since being diagnosed as type 2 back on 1/2/09; from 295 down to 204. And my BMI is 25. And so far I've been able to keep good control of my BG's. I've gone from a A1c of 11.2 down to an A1c of 5.2. I assume the reason I've been having good control is because I've been losing weight. I've been limiting myself to a diet with an average of 2500 calories per day. So that means most of my current calories are coming from my own body fat and not the foods I'm eating.
Hence I'm not currently eating foods that greatly spike my BG.

But what will happen when I reach my ideal weight ?
Since I will have to increase my calorie intake to maintain my ideal weight. Will I find it harder to maintain control because I will be eating more ?
What are everyone's experiences ?

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