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When I was a kid, the Campbell's people had a campaign for mixing different combinations of their condensed soups. The only one I remember is mixing cream of mushroom with their chili beef soup, and that was a good mix.

The combining I did tonight turned out much better than I deserved . . . good enough to tell you in case you ever have leftovers like this! heheh :eek:

I had about a cupful of jalapeño soup left from last night, and I made a new batch of steak soup this morning. At suppertime when I wanted to get rid of the jalapeño, I tried mixing about equal parts with the steak soup, and it was incredibly good! My everlovin' liked it too, but he drank so much eggnog today that more creamy rich soup was a little overkill. Plus he had requested another round of the steak soup & ate it straight. I was safe with rich/creamy because I can't drink any of his eggnog . . . :(
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