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*Stem Cell Study Aimed At Type 1 Diabetics*

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Someday....maybe.....but they will have to get around the side effects, for sure.

A new study has found that many diabetes patients who were injected with stem cells from their own peripheral blood lived for three years or more without needing insulin. | Study says stem cell treatment reduces insulin use

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Thanx Terrie,I was wondering how fast they are going...My wife and me are making all ours hope that they succeed with stem cell treatment...!
I can't see why there wouldn't be more testing done in stem cell research.. I know it can be a touchy subject but if it will save some lives and allow people to live a "normal" life why shouldn't we do it. I think that there is a "reason" behind scientists finding out that stem cells will "cure" certain things.. IE: as in a higher power stepped in! I am all for it.. and always have been-- and when they put out there that there will be a stem cell research project in my area I will be the first one in line!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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