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Like all revolutionary ideas, this incredible breakthrough barely survived initial ridicule and rejection because it is too startling, effective, inexpensive, simple and foolproof to be generally believable. It has experienced violent opposition from entrepreneurs selling health products now made obsolete. Next, massive resistance came from the population's ~85% harboring unconscious hidden agendas or "death wishes" of "defeat the healer" and who must protect their crutches and secondary gains. And almost universally, people simple refuse to take responsibility for their own health. They think the "Doctor-Priesthood" should know what's "best" for them. And predictably, some doctors realize this will decimate their incomes because it is cheap, universally effective. can be done "at home", and cures many things doctors can't. (A patient cured is a customer lost!).

REF: Bob Beck's March 7, 1998 Lecture Notes

ColaJim . :p
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