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Struggling Newbie

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Hi Everyone,

I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, type 2. I am on Metformin tabs and simvastatin for cholesterol. At first I was really good, cut out all sugar and fatty foods, but then Christmas came around and I've been struggling since then to get back on track. Eating ice-creams and chocolates. I have managed to cut sugar out of my coffee and now have one sweetener tablet.

My biggest confusion is what am I supposed to eat and drink, when I do cut out all sweets and fatty food. Scanning labels for fat content and sugar content... leaves me scratching my head. Can I eat EAS myoplex carb control bars, what about pasta and cheese? What supplements can I take if I start weight training and how much can I push myself? I have searched the web but you find so many differing opinions, I feel completely lost.

I am sure this is a bit of denial, but I am under a load of stress as well, We have recently immigrated to New Zealand, and we are in the process of applying for our permanent residence which is very stressful. I think it may be a factor though.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to our community Graham! I cut my carb intake to 130g per day. I had to do that gradually in stages and adjust a little bit at a time. I bought a treadmill and strengthened my leg muscles. Now I can walk one hour outdoors or on my treadmill each day. That has caused me to lose weigfht and my blood sugar was much better too. It takes a lot of willpower and patience to get good control of your diabetes. Good luck to you!

hi,good evening.just a few days ago,my doc put me on a new medicine - 1 avandamet morning & 2 metf after dinner but the reading was more than my old medicine(1 diamicron & 1 metf).i request for a change of medication after my glucose level soar up to 9.3mmol - probably due to the recent spring festival(uncontrolled feast on delicasies).my doc said ,new medication or diabetes drug needs time to work .does it sounds reasonal ? please help me with my doubts,thanks.
Hello Jane, welcome to our community! If your blood glucose was 9.3 because of the feast I don't understand why you wanted to change medications. Eating normally and following a low carb diet and exercising every day should have given you your normal glucose levels. If you are going to continue with the new medication then it may take awhile for you to adjust to it. Some people need several weeks to adjust to certain Type 2 medications. Good luck to you!

Yes, Jane, I agree with Richard. Give it a chance to work and work hard at controlling your food intake. I know it is difficult when special events happen as I do the same thing. But stay on this medicine for a while and see how it works over a couple months.
Hi Richard,
thanks for the reply.i just tested a lower glucose reading this morning & i i'll just maintain a smaller portion for have a nice weekend.
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