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Hi Everyone,

I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, type 2. I am on Metformin tabs and simvastatin for cholesterol. At first I was really good, cut out all sugar and fatty foods, but then Christmas came around and I've been struggling since then to get back on track. Eating ice-creams and chocolates. I have managed to cut sugar out of my coffee and now have one sweetener tablet.

My biggest confusion is what am I supposed to eat and drink, when I do cut out all sweets and fatty food. Scanning labels for fat content and sugar content... leaves me scratching my head. Can I eat EAS myoplex carb control bars, what about pasta and cheese? What supplements can I take if I start weight training and how much can I push myself? I have searched the web but you find so many differing opinions, I feel completely lost.

I am sure this is a bit of denial, but I am under a load of stress as well, We have recently immigrated to New Zealand, and we are in the process of applying for our permanent residence which is very stressful. I think it may be a factor though.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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