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Here's a govt study indicating that high fat is not the smoking gun for high TriGlycerides and LDL cholesterol:

Dietary Carbohydrate Modifies the Inverse Association Between Saturated Fat Intake and Cholesterol on Very Low-Density Lipoproteins

From the Results:
Fully adjusted models revealed a significant interaction was observed between carbohydrate intake and saturated fat intake on fasting TG concentrations. Over the whole sample, saturated fat did not significantly affect fasting TG concentrations. However, the effect of saturated fat intake on fasting TGs was mediated by carbohydrate intake; at low carbohydrate intakes, higher intake of saturated fat was associated with lower fasting TGs, but this effect had disappeared by the highest tertile of carbohydrate intake. Saturated fat was significantly protective against high VLDL-C levels over the whole sample, but this effect was only seen at lower carbohydrate intakes—the association between saturated fat and low VLDL-C was not significant in the highest tertile of carbohydrate intake.
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