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For decades, researchers believed that if people with diabetes lowered their blood sugar to normal levels, they would no longer be at high risk of dying from heart disease. But a major federal study of more than 10,000 middle-aged and older people with Type 2 diabetes has found that lowering blood sugar actually increased their risk of death, researchers reported Wednesday.
The researchers announced that they were abruptly halting that part of the study, whose surprising results call into question how the disease, which affects 21 million Americans, should be managed.
The study's investigators emphasized that patients should still consult with their doctors before considering changing their medications.
For more info, visit: STUDY UNDERCUTS DIABETES THEORY - New York Times

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Hi George: :) How are you doing?

Yes, that was certainly a surprising result of that study.
So unfortunate for the deceased. :(

I was thinking, maybe these People would have died from
a heart attack even without being in the study. Sometimes
genes play a big role. Some People do have heart attacks at
a younger age.

There are so many Diabetics obsessed with getting the same
numbers as normal People in the low 4's and low 5's, especially
Type 1's. It is worrisome. We are made different, that is why
we are not normal, per se. No offense intended. Perhaps
Diabetics are somewhat protected in the 5.7-7.0 range. Who

"For now, the reasons for the higher death rate are up for
speculation. Clearly, people without diabetes are different from
people who have diabetes and get their blood sugar low."

Gee, who knew?

Thanks George.
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