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Finally got around to making the stuffed peppers. I felt like I had to use some kind of filler to absorb liquid since they pump a ton of water into meat these days so it weighs more so they can dig deeper into our pockets (she said as she stepped down from her soapbox). So I processed 2 low-carb tortillas for the filler. Added egg, onion & spices. There was a little over a lb. of meat, and was enough to stuff 4 whole peppers.

Before stuffing, I steamed the peppers in the nuker & cut a V in the bottom of each pepper so the liquid would drain into the pan, not stay in the peppers. I put a can of tomato sauce in the pan, didn't pour it over the peppers. When it was done, I removed the peppers & stirred 1/2 cup sour cream into the drippings & served it over the peppers. It was pretty good, but not nearly as good as my non-diabetic version where I use 1/4 lb. crackers for filler and add a chicken bouillon cube and a cup of sour cream to the sauce, but they weren't bad.

Later today I want to try making the chocolate candy, but that's another post.
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