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Hello, Kcktykat, and welcome. He's banned analgesics to prevent worse damage to your kidneys, no doubt? If it staves off dialysis, it might even be worth it. What other ailments are you dealing with that require regular use of pain meds? How long have you been diabetic?

I'm glad you're here and I hope we can provide the support you need - thank you for joining us.

Good Evening,

I had been healthy most of my life even though I was a bbw. Then I began playing roulette with my health for the last 10 years. I stopped all drugs and drinking, even stopped smoking. What I did NOT stop was eating. I had been told that I was type 2 diabetic and given metformin. Two weeks ago the Doctor sat me down and says. Your kidneys are failing and you need insulin. Of course this comes the day after I loose health insurance for 3 months!! Just great. So now I have to work at not doing more damage to my Kidneys and deal with being on Insulin and really pay attention to what is going on with my body. The biggest thing for me is NO pain pills, no aspirin, no advil NOTHING. He says you hurt ? lay down. Wow how am I going that?? I decided to write and begin here with my journey.
That way I have feedback and answers from people who have been there done that.
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