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Hi Kcktykat and Welcome! There has indeed been an epidemic of stupidity going around in recent decades... I had a bad case of it myself!. The good news is that once you have had it you can't catch it again :eyebrows:

You've found yourself at a great place for support and suggestions.

First thing I noticed was that you quit smoking... Good For You... that was a very smart move.

As for eating... well we all have to eat :cool: but this may be the single area where you can make the most significant impact on your Blood Glucose (BG) levels. Please let us know if you are looking for dietary suggestions. You may be surprised to learn that eating healthy, BG-friendly food does not have to mean boring or bland... or even feeling hungry all the time!

As for managing general aches and pains without medication don't forget the old tried and tested methods like gentle heat... maybe try soaking in a bath or using a heating pad on the area. :)
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