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Not to worry, the toxins they put in commercial bread will most likely kill you before the excess sugar.

Bromide: the Whiter the Bread…the Quicker You’re Dead

Bromide: Death dealing in our food | Autism Today Online

I realize bread around here is just about as bad as sugar for the lo carb people, but I happen to like whole grain, healthy ingredient bread. Unfortunately when you look at the ingredients, sugar is usually the third one. (sigh)

I only have one grocery store that is easy to get to, and all the breads have it as the 3rd ingredient. It seems like quite a nasty thing to do.

A woman at werk (imo that's how it should be spelled) said in England they don't use it in bread and it tastes better than the bread here. I have spent plenty of time there but it was before I ever read a food label, so don't know if that's accurate or not. I liked the bread in every country in Europe that I visited. In fact it became my favorite food when I was over there.

I guess it's just a bit of a rant. I'm not even in a situation where I could easily make my own. But the more people that know about our screwy attitude with foods, the more likely it might be changed.

Sugar in everything? yuck (I have no opinion on how that should be spelled)
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