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Yesterday I tested something, the result may be of value to others.

Normally if I become hypoglycemic I eat dextrose (sugar) to get back to normal, I eat 4 pieces, equivalent to 13 grams. And then I sit and relax to get my strength back and get my blood glucose level where it should be.

Yesterday evening I was playing tennis. When doing that I normally drink half a liter of soda with normal sugar content, the result is that I start and finish the 1 hour tennis session with approximately the same level of blood sugar.

So what was special yesterday? After 5 minutes I felt a bit weak and measured my blood sugar level, it was too low. I decided to test how much dextrose it would take to get back to normal levels while continuing to play! So I kept on eating dextrose and measured 6-7 times in the next hour. I quickly regained my strength, and the blood sugar level was OK after 20 minutes. Besides continuing to drink the soda as usual, I needed 14 pieces, or 47 grams. Or in other words between 3 and 4 times as much as I would have needed if I had sat down and waited as I usually do.

I don't recommend anybody repeating my experiment, the danger is obvious, but now that I have the info, it might help somebody in a situation, where it would be impossible to sit down and relax for some reason. What you do has great impact on how much sugar you need to get back to normal...

I'll put the info in my book at next update.
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