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Sugarless (Sugar Free) Wine Question

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Hi, one of my good friends is diabetic and obviously has to worry about his sugar intake which in turn means he has to watch what alcoholic drinks he consumes and the quantity.

I came across an interesting wine recently, basically my girlfriend knows the owner of a vineyard in South America that produces the apparently the only Organic sugarless wine in the world. This got me thinking that maybe this might be something that might help (or make life easier) people who are sugar intolerant, like my friend. So I became interested in the wine and have being doing some research on it.

Basically I found that in all wine there is a certain amount of sugar, the drier the wine the less sugar it has, so a sweet wine has a lot of sugar compared to a dry wine. The process of making wine is the sugar in the grapes is turned into alcohol by the yeast, but there is always a residual amount of sugar left over as normally not all the sugar can be converted into alcohol. I am told that this is the only wine in the world (but I think there may be others) that turns all the sugar into alcohol and they have scientific proof to back this up, which I have seen.

I have tried the wine and it tastes ok and I was wondering would this be something people who are sugar intolerant would be interested in? my friend who is diabetic doesn't really drink but he seems to think it might be interesting for people who do.

I understand that the alcohol is also an issue, but is a wine with completely no sugar a good thing for diabetics? Obviously diabetics are advised not to drink alcohol anyway but I know many do, so I am interested to know if a wine like this could help people or at least make it easier and more manageable for them to drink if they are going to anyway.

I have posted this question elsewhere as I would like peoples opinion and I apologise for my ignorance in this matter but I would be very interested in peoples thoughts on this.
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I would think there is a good market because my doctor has been very strict on me on sweets including alcohol, but i have a lot of friends who break the rules
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