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Hi and welcome to the forum. I have been D for almost 5 years. I started out of 500mg of metformin and it did nothing. I doulbed it and it did nothing. Even at 1700 mg I had a hard time controlling bgs. I finally pleaded with my doc to raise it. He kept telling me it wouldn't work, but finally he caved and wrote me an Rx for 2550. I fiddled with the timing of the 3 daily doses and found what worked for me and it has. I find I spike highest in the morning so I take a dose when I wake up and another mid morning. The last dose I take right before bed. My bgs now are consistently in the low 100's. I am surprised your doctor hasn't taken more agressive action with your higher bgs. Metformin works in the liver not the pancreas. So even though it makes us more sensitive to our own insulin, if you are insulin insufficient it won't work by itself. I would definitely push for insulin.

Another thing, even if you are doing Low Carb, if you eat too much protein it can be converted to glucose but at a much slower rate. I do my own version of low carb/high fat. But my protein is usually limited to 2-3 oz of meat at a meal. Many of my meals are meatless. But I do include a significant fat source in each meal. My fat of choice is Coconut Oil.
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