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I just did my home A1c kit after a 12hr fast even knowing the kit says it doesn't have to be. My number is 9.1% and my waking BG was 241.
I have been on 2000 mg of Metformin for a few years now. I take 1000 mg in AM and 1000 mg in PM. I thought 2000 mg a day was max dose, but I do see many here that take 2550 mg. I may have to talk to the doctor about upping my Metformin dose. I used to take Amaryl ( a sulfylonurea), but have recently started basal/bolus insulin so discontinued the Amaryl. The insulin combination has certainly helped me, along with careful control of diet and exercise. I still have difficulty with morning number, but it is slowly coming down. I used to have bg's that, no matter what I did, hovered in the low-mid 300's. I do not understand why a doctor would be so hesitant to put you on insulin with numbers as high as you have. I had been on basal insulin years back and I was the one hesitant to use it. The doctors were actually pushing it on me (turns out back then it did not really make a difference over oral meds so I quit using it. Of course I did not know about the diabetes forum or low carbing at that time). I knew it was time for me to try it again, but in a different fashion this time. I spoke with my Endo and came to the agreement of using the Metformin, Levemir (long acting) and Humulog (fast-acting). It is working so far. I have seen my numbers around meal times being much, much better and I am learning what foods I definitely cannot eat and those that I can without affecting my bg's too much. I say continue to fight, or find another doctor. Be sure to find a specialist in diabetes treatment, not just a general endocrinologist. I have finally found a group of doctors that I feel confident with and who will work with me to get me healthy and fit. You are worth it! Also, I just want to add my short (HA! I never leave a short message) soap-box vent at this point. Why do these doctors think that a patient has no clue about what is going on with their body? Just because they went to school doesn't give them the right to tell me how I feel inside and when I know something just isn't right. The relationship between a doctor and patient should be one that compliments one another and a team effort. A patient should ALWAYS be proactive in their health and treatment of such. Thank you. I'm done now. ;)
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