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Switch from Tresiba to Walmart Insulin

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I am taking Tresiba in the USA for a number of years, unfortunately I am now retired and I cannot afford this insulin. With Medicare Part D I am in the donut hole in January! I would Take he Walmart Insulin but cannot find a Doctor to help me with the transition. I am taking 32 units of Tresiba at night. How do I switch to Walmart insulin? How often do I need a shot? How do I convert 3 units from the Tresiba pen to Walmart insulin? Which Walmart insulin do I need to take. Please help,
I can't afford Tresiba pens on my Social Security. Thank you for your kind help.

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Hi Sammy,

Hopefully, one of our experienced insulin users will be able to answer your question about method of transition.

I did a search for that information but didn't find it. Here's a site that had some other information about the Relion insulins. They did mention that the Relion basal insulin is not as long acting as the newer insulins and that you'd have to take it twice a day rather than once.

I wonder if there is a low-cost clinic for diabetes near you where you can get the guidance you need.
On a side note, have you checked this out? (1‑888-4PPA-NOW)
Hi, Amy. Welcome to the forum!

Tresiba is a different kind of insulin than the Novolog-compatible insulin Walmart sells (assuming you're talking about the less expensive stuff, right?). It would not surprise me that moving from a long-acting insulin to a shorter-acting insulin on your own caused some issues. I am a little surprised that you started having seizures but there's a lot we don't know about your particular instance of diabetes.

But you could help us with that by posting some more about yourself in our New Member Introductions area. We'd like a chance to get to know you a little better. How are you managing with the Tresiba now?
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