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Hello There And Welcome!! :)

Awwww! A new Baby. :D A Big Congrats to you!!

Well, that's an interesting question. Some adjectives describing
a Diabetics breath are: fruity, sweet or like ripe apples. I suppose
"carmel" could fit in there.

To be honest, I've never heard of that young of a Child being dxd.
with Diabetes. I'm not saying it can't happen. The youngest Child
I've heard of being dxd. was 6 mths. old. Diabetes in a Child usually
only takes 2 or 3 weeks to become apparent.

For about the first 3 mths., Babies do have a distinct smell to
their breath. Does your Baby use a pacifer? I knew a few Parents
(and I certainly am not saying that you do)who put honey or corn
syrup on the pacifer if their Baby was particularly irritable. That did
give the baby's breath a carmel smell.

Anyways, Kids and Adults are normally dxd. after having the
symptoms of: weight-loss, excessive thirst, excessive urination,
flu-like symptoms, blurry vision, Very tired, restless, more irritable
than usual, etc. I'd say if your Baby is acting out of her norm like
if she was a good sleeper and now is not and is more irritable, is
urinating more, is not as responsive to you, is not gaining weight
and thriving, I would definitely see her Pediatrician(sp). It is likely
that she is due for a check-up soon.

Sorry, I can't make you feel better(I know how new Parents worry
...I had both my Babies to Emergency....for diaper rash :rolleyes:)
but here is a Wonderful site for you to check out and ask your
question there about your Baby there. I haven't been there for
some time but they're Very helpful.

children with DIABETES Online Community

Best Wishes to you and your Newborn! ;)

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Thanks a lot for the warm wishes and all the info. I actually find it all very helpful :)
The fact that babies this young haven?t been diagnosed with diabetes already means a lot to me. This is actually my second child, but I guess parents never stop worrying (I too had my first baby in emergency for diaper rash!!!) :D

In the mean time I did some more checking. In another website?s blog, some moms were saying that their breastfed babies had a sweet smell. One of them even mentioned that her baby?s breath smelled like caramel, so it could be because of that. I certainly hope so?
She is sleeping and eating well and gaining weight, so I guess I?m just another paranoid parent?

Thanks again!

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Hi! Your Very Welcome. I'm sooo Glad to hear that she is doing well.
I didn't have a computer with easy access to info when I was a young
Mom, so I'm happy to help where I can.

Since we are on the Baby:)D) topic and Diabetes...another worry
crossed my mind. As you know Diabetics(especially children)can
have seizures occasionally from low blood sugar. So when my Son
at 15 mths. old had a seizure and my Daughter at 3 mths. old, I
automatically thought it was a symptom of Diabetes.

Back to the Emergency. :rolleyes: It turned out that they were having fever
seizures which are common in young children. Again Good Luck and
take Care.
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