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As you know tattoos have decorated Human bodies
for a Very long time. Diabetes and tattoos have always
been(including today)a Very popular subject of controversy.

I figure each to his/her own as long as they (as everyone
should) go by the health guidelines when they decide to get
a tattoo.

My older Brother had tattoos on both of his arm. Since he
was an Artist he tattooed his right arm(south paw)himself.
He had them for a Good 30 years and had no problems.

In my younger years, I had considered off and on of getting
one but couldn't commit to it. Today I'm Happy that I did not
get one. I do wear the temporary ones :D on occasion. I like
them. It's Nice to choose a tattoo that suits the mood you're
in, then you can easily remove it when you're tired of it. The
tatts usually stay on for 1 1/2 weeks. They come in tons of
different designs and colours. I even got some sparkly ones.
I haven't had any skin irritations or allergies to them.

Here in Canada, Diabetics on Insulin are not allowed to donate
blood whereas in the U.S.A and some other countries they are
allowed. If you live in the U.S.A or other and wish to continue
your donations, be sure to ask a qualified Person(I believe there
it is the Red Cross)how long you will have to wait until you can
donate again. I think it's 1 year. I have been wrong on occasion. :rolleyes:

Anyways, I thought this was a Good article(3 pages :eek:) and
you'll notice some comments on the right side of the article(page 1).

ABC News: Medical Warning Tattoos in Vogue?
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