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I'm Richard Burris of TN. I have been on here before but was a while ago. I've been a diabetic since age 39 and age 61 now. I have been taking up to nearly 60 units of 70/30 Novolin insulin and still had high readings over 200 after eating very low carb meals, such as tuna, avacado, etc. I had a near wreck the other day and when I arrived at work, my blood sugar was 281. I had been thinking that stress was a factor in my high blood sugar, and the near wreck confirmed it. Last night I read that tea could help regulate cortisol, and so I drank two cups of black Lipton tea. My blood sugar went to 149 when I checked it and I slept until 10 am today, and it was only 140 this morning with no insulin since 6 pm the night before. Some days its very high when I arise if I sleep in, so 140 is not bad at all for my body. I hope to cut back on insulin amount now and thought I would pass this info on to everyone. I was considering asking for a cortisol lowering pill, but it may be that just drinking tea several times a day will help enough. I started on black tea, but Japanese Matcha tea is supposed to be stronger in L-Thiamine, the cortisol regulating agent in tea. I'm going to find Matcha tea too and post the results. RB

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Hi richburr123, welcome back.

Stress and cortisol definitely play a big part in elevated BG.

I think you might find a great deal of information searching "cortisol" here on the forum to see how some members have dealt with it.

Thanks for sharing and please continue passing on the results you experience.
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