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I have a scheduled doctor's visit on Tuesday. I had to go for my tests before that, which I did today. Here are my test results.

I broke into (barely) the 5% club but honestly I was expecting a much lower HbA1C

The numbers in the bracket are what I got last month (at 2 months from DX)

1. HbA1c has dropped from 12.7(Dx) to 5.9 (6.8) :) but :confused:

2. Total Cholestrol dropped from 243(Dx) to 190 (195) :)

3. LDL dropped from 186(Dx) to 133 (123) :) but :confused:

4. HDL increased from 29(Dx) to 36 (34) :)

5. Triglicirides dropped from 232(Dx) to 121 (197) :D

6. Fasting today at the lab was 93 :D

7. Ketones detected (+) in urine

8. The Urine Routine has not detected protein this time but waiting for MAU report :)

9. The MAU report is awaited. Will update the thread later tonight

10. Lost 40 Lbs so far. 45 more to go ! :D

Observations / Concerns/ Your comments requested

1. LDL has dropped over a 3 month period but it has actually has gone up in the last one month.My LDL was 123 at a random test one month back (It's gone up by 10 points). I was expecting it to drop further.

2. Ketones in Urine. Is this normal because of the ketogenic diet ? should I be worried ?

3. How the heck is my HbA1C 5.9 ? That is a mean blood sugar level of 122. I've hardly had a reading over 120 for a long time. I have been averaging 103 for the last three months and I test 5-6 times a day. There is no way in the world my average BG can be 122 over the last 3 months. (can the 4th month make an impact ?)

I was expecting a HbA1c of 5.3, I would have been happy at 5.5, not this. Will try my luck again next time


This is great Tony! I am so happy for you. I am hard on myself also. It is the OCD in me. I want a 5.0! We will get there with the support of everyone on here/ Love this place!
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