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Testing Metformin + Berberine Together

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I know we have discussed Berberine as a replacement for Metformin (for some people) but I am curious if any of y'all have tried them together?

First let me explain why I am asking. As most of you know, I live a Keto lifestyle and take Metformin to control my diabetes. My diabetes is 99% under control. My last A1C was 6.2. The one issue that continue to perplex me, are my morning numbers. I have tried just about everything to control the dawn phenomenon, with very little success. Additionally, my numbers in the morning will continue to climb until I give in and eat or drink my version of bullet proof coffee.

Yes, I realize I could give in and go on insulin, but I would rather not.

I have been doing some research on Berberine and found some articles that taking Berberdine AND Metformin may improve control.

When taken together, Metformin and berberine seem to work synergistically for even better glucose control. Surprising supplements: Five effective nutrients you've never heard of | Precision Nutrition
I am going to start testing results with taking both and see if it makes any difference in my morning numbers.
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For me Berberine works just about as well as metformin; I am on a reduced amount of met and supplement with Berberine. Aside from the GI issues with met it also inhibits your body's absorption of vitamin B12. Once your B12 goes to a very low level you will need B12 injections to bring it up to an acceptable level. According to my physician which he does not understand why I would be so concerned about my B12 level at this since it is still in the lower but safe range. His reply is once it gets to low then I would need to stop in his office maybe once a month to receive a B12 injection... so much for preventative medicine in my opinion.

Normal B12 vitamins when swallowed will not increase your B12 level since the absorption occurs in the terminal ileum. I am experimenting with talking B12 tablets that are quick dissolve sublingually (under your tongue). Based on a study in New Zealand; this version of B12 seems to be almost as effective as a B12 shot. I have my baseline results from last fall and will have it checked again later in the year or early next to see if there is improvement. I feel this is more preventative approach to management than what my physician is recommending.

This is the primary reason for taking Berberine and that is to reduce reliance on metformin.
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