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Hello everyone;

When I joined this community, in March, I was scared.
I had struggled with type II for 15 years, but until this January my a1c numbers were close to, or under the ADA "well controlled" number 7.0 using metformin alone.

My a1c spiked to 9.6 in the January test. My doctor spoke of Insulin which I wanted to avoid.

Long story short, I found this forum, educated myself, and adapted the LCHF diet. My a1c this test was 7.3.

Yeah, I now, I still have work to do, but I started the LCHF diet on 3/22. That's not even enough time for the hemoglobin to regenerate.

Innately, I knew the ADA diet was wrong. If I'm allergic to carbs why am I eating a high carb diet?

Now, I feel that I can at least control my own diabetic destiny.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to this forum. You are doing a great service to type II diabetics around the world.

Bottom line "Don't drink the ADA kool aid"

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