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The Diabetic Dive!

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Hello, yes i am new, fresh from today. My name is Chantale Perron and i live in a city called Chicoutimi, in the north of Canada.
I have been reading around here for some time and i hope i can join some conversations..

Me and my friend, best selling writer Brent Bill, are on a book project called "the diabetic dive. "

We did set up a group on facebook and a blog as well,that acts as an Often Light-hearted Look at the "Lows" and "Highs" of Living with Diabetes. Stories are shared, for most with humour tone.

So if some of you would like to join us, we have nothing to sell ( for now! ) but just sharing the fun.
I consider laughter to be part of bs management, because we all know there is nothing fun about diabetes.

You can add us on facebook of course as i said, under "the diabetic dive". A link for the blog is there, as well.

We are also on Twitter with the same name, for the daily digest, a shorter version of small funny stories with diabetes involved.

Thank you for visiting and sorry for the shameless promo, but we love our experience and people who come make the place alive.

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very helpful
very helpful
Well this is not an informative group, they are many with very complete information about diabetes. We decided to emphasis on humour.
Thank you.
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