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the doctor said smoking also influences often happens with diabetes?

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because doctors say that, I was so scared and so reduce cigarette now. but I am hard untukmeninggalkan cigarettes. because I've become addicted to cigarettes?
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Smoking is bad for your overall health. If you decide to smoke then you must understand that it affects your entire body. I try not to judge people who choose to smoke or drink. It is a very personal decision.
indeed, it is true both for healthy non-smoking, but it is very difficult for the already dependency? if you have a solution so I can quit smoking? : (
Unfortunately there is no one solution to stop smoking. Everyone is different. Some people can stop smoking by "cold turkey", others can use stop smoking aids such as the nicotine patch or there are new medications out that you can take that can help with the urge to smoke. Some people go through hypnosis. Not everyone can stop smoking at their first attempt. First and most important, you must want to stop smoking for yourself first.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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