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the doctor said smoking also influences often happens with diabetes?

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because doctors say that, I was so scared and so reduce cigarette now. but I am hard untukmeninggalkan cigarettes. because I've become addicted to cigarettes?
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indeed, it is true both for healthy non-smoking, but it is very difficult for the already dependency? if you have a solution so I can quit smoking? : (
very true what you said, kia should stop smoking for ourselves. from now on I will try little by little. thanks for the information. Well do not ever get bored?
onaughma absolutely right, in this case we should be against the evil of ourselves, we must fight our own vices, it might be an alternative way I will try to buy a ebook about the guides to stop smoking, which has been given by my friend. he tried it and she said she managed to quit smoking,
shanny, if I may know you are affected by diabetes since what age? :)
I'm so sorry you shanny, be patient and steadfast ok? God will always give way to his people are patient. :>
hohoho I'm back again, before I apologize because it was three weeks I did not update the forum. because I'm very busy, and how about you all? whether health?

1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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