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I've lost a lot of weight and had good BS control as well using both Low Carb, and it's opposite Pritikin.

With the low carb I ate a lot of fish and salad as I had abused the LC in the 70's and now can add kidney stones to my self inflicted problems. I used to eat LC and would go have a 5lb "Cattleman's cut" prime rib and enjoy it. On a LC you will still lose weight. but that kind of protein binging over the years may have led to kidney stones later. On Pritikin, I pretty much had to do portion control as it is no meat high quality carb very low fat. I felt wonderful on the Pritikin but it was not so easy as the Low Carb to stay on although at the time it was inexpensive..

Well, Both Nathan Pritikin AND Robert Atkins are no doubt up there in the sky talking food!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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